Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ariel, master luthier

 Visited my luthier friend, who had the good sense to move close to Piriapolis and set up a cozy atelier, up on a hill with a million dollar view. 

I was privileged to portrait him as he worked to fix a nuance in my instrument.

Thanks for watching these!

Nikon F with 50/1.4 lens, HP5+ in D-76 1:1.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Aeronautical museum

 The aeronautical museum reopened some time ago, in a new location next to Carrasco airport. Outside, a Vickers Viscount is being restored. I was a young passenger in this plane back in 1967.

Inside the main hangar there is a collection of beautiful, old and proud flying machines.

This Pucará may have seen service in the Falklands war, 30 years ago.

Thanks for looking! I used a Contarex, with 35 and 50 mm lenses. Film was FP4+ developed in D-23.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Open again!

 One of my favorite places for photography is the fishing wharf in Buceo harbor. When Covid-19 struck, back in March 2020, some bright mind in our Harbor Administration (or maybe it was in some Ministry) decided to close access to the public, even though it is as open a place as they come, with more than enough wind to clear away any virus aerosol in milliseconds, and many people went there for a walk or to fish with a reel. Or to shoot pictures, with all kind of cameras and smartphones.

 I kept checking the place almost every week and getting more frustrated each time.

Last Sunday, under gray skies, I checked once again and was thrilled to see that common people were allowed into the wharf, as before. Immediately I got inside and started shooting, trying to recover two years of lost subject.

The old boats were still around. The water was dirty, maybe because of those recent floods.

The pilot launch was busy, coming and going, and the ADES rescue boat came from an exercise while I was shooting.

There were some interesting currents and waves in the oily, dirty water close to the stairs. I must come back with a longer telephoto lens and enough film to get a few abstracts. Light on water is a satisfying subject.

All with Nikon F2, 35-105 zoom, FP4+ in D-23. Thanks for looking!