Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tristán-Narvaja street market

I got time last weekend to visit the Tristán Narvaja street market. This is a huge place where you can find practically anything under the sun.

Many Montevideanos go there as a Sunday outing. Families too. The little guy in the middle is getting bored.

The market is more or less organized by wares. This is part of the enormous old books section.

Talking with the expert sellers is the best part of the buy.

These old dolls were neatly arranged for display.

Thanks for looking!

Technical: Super-Isolette, HP5+ in D-76.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Old iron in Heritage Day

In Heritage weekend, I usually gravitate to something that moves. Or used to move. This year I searched for a classic car show but could only get the usual one in Camino Carrasco. So there.

The best display was by the Ford A club. My late father had one and I remember riding it.

 photo 201611006_zpsfcohygy1.jpg

 photo 201611004_zpsennra50v.jpg

A toothy De Soto was flashing its chrome and its slick, glossy black body. I wonder if this was a funeral limousine.

 photo 201611007_zps66qzerta.jpg

Young people cannot believe the dashboards of the era.

 photo 201611009_zpsi3bwbfg5.jpg

In the museum field there is an ancient British road roller, slowly turning into brown dust.

 photo 201611015_zpsmfcslolp.jpg

An old Aclo bus is also dying nearby. I rode in these buses as a child, and also in a similar one in India, not that long ago.

 photo 201611011_zpsjmo0cw8m.jpg

 photo 201611014_zpsbm9et8c7.jpg

 photo 201611017_zpsyjix0wjd.jpg

Thanks for looking. Hardware: Canon 7 with its awesome 50/1.8, Pan F+ in Beutler.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Walking two Zeiss lenses

I rarely make reference to equipment, but I got recently two nice Zeiss optics from Germany for my Exakta, a Flektogon 35/2.8 and a Sonnar 135/4. A local technician cleaned and adjusted both. Here are some frames of that test roll.

Buceo Harbor, Sonnar.

 photo 201608032_zpsst6bigbx.jpg

 photo 201608031_zpskh6usjrr.jpg

Rodo park, fountain detail.

 photo 201608022_zpsj6ogah3h.jpg

Gentle Giant monument.

 photo 201608013_zpstviglfgc.jpg

Now for the sharp Flektogon.

Rodo park artificial lake. Glad to see the birds still survive there.

 photo 201608017_zpsagqtrrim.jpg

Very nice expo of pictures - Asian cities seen by a Uruguayan photographer.

 photo 201608023_zpsraiut61a.jpg

An old couple making time before lunch, by the River Plate.

 photo 201608028_zpsnxendy2u.jpg

Small fishing boat (I liked the tones and the reflections).

 photo 201608009_zps17itwjak.jpg

Thanks for looking! Pan F+ in Beutler.