Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Old Winston would be proud

In 1958, the local Montevideo government erected a monument to Winston Churchill near Pocitos Beach. He looks grim, as if the Germans were coming again.

The monument is in a nice, small square, looking to the beach (and to the storms, where they choose to visit).

Some words by Mansfield are transcribed below the bust. I believe old Winston, while he did care for words, would better appreciate a gin and tonic in our 30 C summer.  

What Winston is looking at: Pocitos Beach.

Thanks for looking! Yes it is film. FP4+ in DK-50 1:1 (testing old mix).

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The "Monte" of Montevideo

Hard to find where the name of our city came from. There are several tales of lookouts seeing a hill and shouting in very awkward Portuguese "Monte vide eu". I do not believe this B.S.. My favorite explanation is old maps showing topographical accidents with a Roman numeral: "Monte VI de O", i.e. hill number 6 from the West. In any case, the hill at the western end of the bay is a most characteristic feature. Here is a view from Capurro area. (Those railroad tracks are in use, believe it or not). 

On top of the hill there is a fortress, last iteration 1809 right after the British invasions. There is a lighthouse over the fortress, which must make for an interesting Army-Navy joint operation.

There is a very nice view of the city from the fortress. The many guns never fired a shot in anger.

I like the weathered wood of the gun carriage at the entrance. Probably it has been there since the last restoration (1942), or even before.

For a modest fee you can visit the military museum inside the fortress. It is a cool place in the summer. The Army keeps it in good shape. There is a time capsule stored in 2011 (two hundred years anniversary of the Army), to be opened in 2111, probably around May 18. I am not planning to attend.

Special guard at the entrance.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fishing in Sarandí breakwater jetty

The Sarandí jetty was built around 1905, back when the country was young and confident. Maritime traffic was tremendous (there was no Panama Canal at the time). The breakwater is essential for the harbor. It is also a nice walk if you like waterscapes. Tourism is not flocking there yet.

In the weekend that I visited, a veteran fisherman was preparing his home-made line in the sun and wind. These are the guys that know the fish, the wind and the best bait.

I did not see any catch in a few throws.

Farther down the jetty there was activity with more typical hardware. The large rocks are good standing points for throwing, but you have to be careful.

The entrance to the jetty was remodeled some time ago. Then a few storms came in, and did some damage to the easy-access section with its nice rounded shape.

Thanks for looking!