Monday, October 11, 2010

A crazy wide city

I have been toying with an ultra-wide lens. Please join me in this crazy tour of the Gray City under gray skies.

Long Renault

It might be the only way of getting most of ANTEL's complex into a frame.


Or even the Solis theater!

Solis theater

And the Artigas monument, a requisite tourist shot if you visit the city.


The Buceo marina looks interesting with the ultrawide. This is the yachts marina, inside the club. I'm told that some people actually live in their boats.


Thanks for looking. Film used was Ilford Pan 400 developed in ID-11 1:1.


  1. That is pretty amazing quality from a zoom. I don't see any softness, vignetting or distortion at the edges. The car shot reminds me of a Lartigue.

  2. Thanks, Mike! Aperture was probably f/8 and below, which helps in technical quality. Lartigue is a very interesting artist indeed.