Sunday, April 08, 2012

Good Friday, against the clock

The Tour of Uruguay bicycle race (the Vuelta) had its against-the-clock étage in Carrasco last Friday. Often this étage defines the whole race. One racer is started alone, every minute or so. They must fight the wind alone - if they meet another racer, they must run separately. Even so, the winner made something around 49 km/h average, which is faster than I have ever gone on a bike, let alone keeping such a pace for more than half an hour.

Racers start from a small wooden cage, after registering at a table nearby. Looks a bit quaint to unexperienced eyes.


A helper holds the bike straight from the back, while the starter counts down the seconds. The faces show concentration. Yes, that hand is under the seat.


The last five seconds are given with hand signs, five, four, three, two, one, GO!


Lots of people in the Rambla, a wonderful day. There were teams from many countries.


Close to the starting area, the teams parked their vans and buses. Modern technology let bikers warm without moving. Here, the Avai team from Brazil.


Thanks to the organizers for bringing this show to us Montevideanos!

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  1. Lots of high tech in bicycling these days. Nicely conveyed sense of speed in those b&w shots.