Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cannabis expo at LATU

You may have read that our little country is legalizing a certain weed, despite a majority of the people against. A large Cannabis Expo was organized in LATU last weekend.

Entrance ticket was about 6 US dollars, very cheap if you consider that this was social history in the making.

 photo IMG_3016_zps9ffe5332.jpg

About 6,000 people visited the expo, many of them foreigners. A lot of interest and activity - a whole community coming out of semi-clandestinity.

 photo 201421027_zpsee938dce.jpg

As I am not a user, I had never seen all these devices. Glass blowers seem to have a bright future.

 photo IMG_2970_zpscf05978e.jpg

Young people queuing to watch a hemp flower under a low-power microscope.

 photo 201421028_zps1cc34dba.jpg

One stand was fittingly named in homage to the current President, a big promoter of legalization as a lesser evil.

 photo 201421022_zpse7c61f33.jpg

It seems that light tents are a key device for cultivating this weed in our climate. These two guys were setting up a LED-lighted portable tent.

 photo 201421023_zps144ccee5.jpg

A set of tents already set up and working. These plants are treated as royalty.

 photo IMG_2966_zps1f80fe12.jpg

Many people learned for the first time that the hemp plant had other uses too.

 photo IMG_3008_zps7b85205e.jpg

In the expo the dominant colors were black and green (maybe the soccer club El tanque-Sisley was a sponsor). Some well thought-out details.

 photo IMG_2991_zps1afc05f3.jpg

Thanks for looking. Pictures came from a Spotmatic 500 with 35mm f/2 lens shooting FP4+. Color pictures are from a Canon G12 digital P&S.

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