Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A last charter to Bella Vista

The Bella Vista Dock is close to the Carnelli railway station, the former Shell Oil tank farm (now UTE)  and a power generation station. I can imagine barges, maybe yachts, coming and going.  Ruined by pollution, next to the heavy traffic of city accesses, it is still a spectacular place to seize the Montevideo bay and wait for the sunset.

 Last Sunday, I noticed a new feature near the dock, a relatively large ship. This is big news for the place. I had never seen a ship there in several years. 

The ship looked as if she was in her last charter, just out of a Conrad sea story, grounded and waiting for the cutting torches. After sailing the high seas for a vessel's lifetime, there are worse places than Bella Vista for the end. 

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  1. Your pictures of the harbor always make me regret being far from the ocean. I guess I need to get myself out there at least one more time.