Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guaviyu area, in rainy weather.

Guaviyú, about 50 Km north of Paysandu, is well known for thermal spas. I was lucky to get to the area for a few days. It was raining, so water was a permanent feature.
 photo 201323021_zps706cadef.jpg
Most people will show pictures of thermal pools, but I like the natural environment that is quite well preserved and easily accessed in the area. Water gives nice reflections.
 photo 201323028_zpse418d23f.jpg

 photo 201322003_zps923809b8.jpg
 photo 201322002_zpsadfde0a8.jpg
Autocord with HP5+ and Olympus 35 SP with FP4+, both developed in DD-X I must finish that plastic bottle soon.

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