Sunday, November 17, 2013

Artigas' Mesa

The "Meseta de Artigas" is a high bank against the Uruguay river. I believe this was a favorite place of Jose Artigas. It offers a nice view of the river, with Entre Rios province on the other side. Lots of water in the river these days.

 photo 201322011_zpsd5412007.jpg

The Mesa is accessed through a longish dirt road from Route 3, about 60 km north of Paysandu. Along the road there were horses, taking advantage of the excellent grass fields.
 photo 201323030_zps6f39195d.jpg

Cattle were around as well. This big bull had never seen a TLR before. He didn't tell me, but I know that look.
 photo 201322006_zpsceef92c5.jpg

In the top of the Meseta there is a very ugly monument. You can easily check it in other sites. Instead, I liked this entrance into the native forest, opening a trail from the Meseta down to the river.
 photo 201322009_zpsde89de06.jpg

Tourists in the Meseta are protected from falling to the river by a nice, weathered timber fence.
 photo 201322008_zpsb4c3c2ff.jpg

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