Saturday, July 19, 2014

Testing old cameras

I have been again in that fishing dock in Buceo harbor, testing old cameras. Overcast weather, as it must be in our so-called winter.

 photo 201408016_zps86f0841d.jpg

 photo 201409012a_zpsc653ee6c.jpg

 photo 201408009_zpsfb1db3c7.jpg

In the nearby Yacht Club, rows of nice boats wait for the opportunity to sail.

 photo 201409037a_zps9d7ece78.jpg

The boats are tightly moored with old rubber, stretching lazily with the wind load.

 photo 201409036a_zpsf22b04a8.jpg

Technical: Exakta (Isco-Westron), Canonet QL17, well-expired FP4+ in Beutler.


  1. Those overcast skies are a nice complement to subject. A couple great old cameras also. I'll be interested in seeing what more you do with the Exakta. They have always seemed kind of intimidating to me.

  2. Thanks Mike. Indeed one needs to get used to Exaktas. After the second roll, it starts to click in. Good workout for the left hand.