Friday, April 04, 2014

Panoramic Congress (Legislative Palace)

This is an Election Year; primaries in June, legislative and presidential elections in October, and probably ballotage in November. Many people will try to get inside this building for five years.

The Palacio Legislativo, our Congress, was built in the 1920s with all luxury, Italian marble and Uruguayan black granite, and very impressive neoclassical architecture.
The legislators inside were expelled at least once by people in uniform. I still remember this building all rounded up by tanks back in late June, 1973, when the storm burst in our politics. Yet, it is a safer place than in other neighboring countries.

I also have been hoping to get inside, but just to take a few pictures. Someday I hope to put on a colored shirt and dark glasses,  and mix with a tourist group from a cruiser's visit.


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