Thursday, March 20, 2014

Those small fishing boats

I went back to my favorite subject, those small fishing boats packed together in the dock.

 photo 201404016_zps9f6dc9e7.jpg

In the still water, they show their shadows and reflections.

 photo 201404017_zps0287f84d.jpg

Fast shutter speeds may, sometimes, show amazing lines and reflections coming from the fleeting movement of the water.

 photo 201404019_zps0bc1c0fa.jpg

In a few weeks, these little boats will be very busy trying to net fish for the Holy Week. But now they just wait together, enjoying the summer heat. I like those bows with their shadows and reflections.

 photo 201404018_zps3795288a.jpg

The stairs are ready if you want to board.

 photo 201401009_zps062ce8bc.jpg

Technical: FP4+, Beutler, Pentax ME with very standard lenses.

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