Sunday, March 02, 2014

Malvin Beach

People in foreign countries talk about Generation Y, Generation X - the whole alphabet. We have just the Sand Dunes Generation in Malvin Beach. It is a project to stabilize sand movement with bushes and palm branches. It seems to work so far. The sand is still there.

 photo 201404025_zps7a977cff.jpg

The Dunes Generation plays soccer on the sand, same as we did so many years ago. Hard on the ankles but great fun.

 photo 201404030_zpsded3d0df.jpg

Families go to the beach on weekends, when the weather is right.

 photo 201404028_zps0d1cf972.jpg

It gets a bit crowded near Punta Gorda, and the life savers were in a labor conflict (not yet strike, we have many gradations. Fortunately nobody drowned.

 photo 201404024_zpse5db29c5.jpg

FP4+ in Beutler, with the little Pentax ME getting some air time.

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