Saturday, August 16, 2014

Punta del Este - fishing dock area

I go very seldom to Punta del Este. I am not interested in the noise, glamour and famous people that it attracts in the summer. When I get there, I make a bee line to the harbor and walk to the fishing dock, where my favorite subjects are waiting in the winter light.

 photo 201411022a_zps5bdc7503.jpg

Near noon, there is brisk work on cleaning fish.

 photo 201412016_zpsc10cbfb7.jpg

which attracts a lot of seagulls.

 photo 201412009_zpsbaa9e98a.jpg

and sometimes, seawolfs too. This is one of the characters that were around the fish cleaners, hoping to get something.

 photo 201412012_zps44e27d75.jpg

There are courageous boats, waiting for the order to go out on the ocean in the thick fog.  photo 201412015_zpsc870d084.jpg

Most of the boats were just moored after the day work, or maybe waiting for better weather.

 photo 201412010_zps98fd7f5d.jpg

Technical: Nikon FE, several lenses, FP4+ in Beutler.


  1. Julio, muy buen fotorreporteje !! me gusta mucho la segunda fotografía. Que angular usaste ? La FE me pareció muy buena cámara, la usé cuando trabajé en el diario, la tenía con motor y volaba. En estos días estoy armando una Nikon F Photomic que había desarmado para reparar y ajustar, cunado esté lista la saco a la calle. Te mando un abrazo. Pedro Barbachán.

  2. Gracias Pedro, el angular es un Nikkor 28mm/f2.8. La FE era de mi padre, realmente es práctica y los lentes me tienen asombrado.

    Suerte con esa F, seguro que le vas a sacar partido!

  3. Nice perspectives on that subject with the 28mm lens. Seems to encourage a broad view of the subject in the environment while also helping with relating foreground and background elements of the composition. The added depth of field is also a plus on those gray days.