Saturday, September 17, 2005

Escollera Sarandí

Sarandi is the name of a native tree. It also names the main street of the Old City in Montevideo. If you walk right on Sarandi street until it reaches the coast and then cross (carefully) the Rambla, you get to the Escollera Sarandi.

This is a nice place to go in the weekends if the weather allows. You may see the large ships entering and leaving the Port of Montevideo.

The view right along Escollera Sarandi - late August 2005

Many fishermen go to the Escollera since the water is quite deep around it. You may see a lot of different fishing techniques. Also, many families just sit there and let the afternoon go by, or see the sun set beneath the Cerro.

A large container ship enters port while families watch

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