Friday, January 29, 2010

Fishing boats in Piriápolis dock

In the resort of Piriápolis there is a long dock for fishing boats, at the southern end of the harbor. I make a point of photographing there every year, because those little fishing boats are painted in orange or red, and combine nicely with the deep green ocean water (although technically this is still the River Plate, which ends about 30 km East).

The bay and cityscape make a wonderful environment for the boats. You might see the large "Argentino Hotel" in the background at the upper right corner.

Naguka I

The smaller boats are clustered. While I was shooting, several were coming in with their modest capture.

Three bows together

The cabins are made to withstand waves and wind. There might be plenty of both in a sudden summer storm.

Naguka II

In the brutal early afternoon sun, tired little boats endure the heat,


with their nets ready for their next catch.


Technical details: Zorki-4 with Jupiter-8 and -12 lenses. Film: Fuji Quality 100. Minolta Autocord with Provia 100 film. Excuse the midday blues of Provia. I need a warming filter.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I know it is not in Uruguay but far north. Hope you don't mind the exception to this blog's geographical scope. It has beaches, at any rate. Lots of beaches. And -sometimes- it doesn't even rain!

Canasvieiras beach

There is a nice public market with funny middle-aged people doing their regular domino game and sipping coconut milk.

Domino game at public market

Fishing boats, so you don't really feel out of the place.

Fishing boats in Barra da Lagoa

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Malvín beach

This wide beach is a nice area to walk in the sunset. The traffic from the nearby Rambla seems very far away.