Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye to 2013

Some panoramic pictures from the last roll of 2013.

We are suffering a heat wave, with a long string of days above 33 C. Today, we got 36 C, which is not yet a fever but it is warm. Because of the heat, or maybe just for fun, our President went to install the new Finance Minister in sandals and fishing pants. He must be driving his protocol managers into mental hospital.

Another reasonable way to ride the heat wave is visiting Malvin beach. It gets very nice in the sunset.

 photo 201325017_zps7021989f.jpg

With the heat, even little Buceo beach, which is not clean enough for bathing, gets some customers.

 photo 201325013_zpscc73bcba.jpg

Far to the west, the old Bella Vista dock area has become a deposit of trash and abandoned ships. Only rats bathe here. While it is a shame, it offers photo opportunities.

 photo 201325012_zpsbfbf739a.jpg

I walked to the ship in the right-hand side, in order to get some details for the blog readers.

 photo 201325008_zps6ea32a5f.jpg

A close-up of the identification area - just for curiosity. Is it Palenque? XX -eun Hae? This one is probably in some shipping or insurance registry somewhere, written as a loss.

Identification area of abandoned ship, Bella Vista photo name-closeup_zpsc5774f67.png

Well, 2013 and my DD-X are gone at long last. But I still have enough 100 ISO film and can mix Beutler, so life is good.

Keep tuned for 2014. We have the World Cup coming, elections, who knows? Maybe I can get some street shots into the mix.

A most Happy New Year to you!