Friday, May 01, 2015

The test routine

There is a circuit in the city for testing old cameras. At least I have found one.

It starts in Buceo harbor, near the fishing boats and tugs.

 photo 201506001_zpseduct07x.jpg

Then the nice Holocaust Monument, which is a fitting subject to visit 70 years after the liberation of the concentration camps.

 photo 201506007_zpswtdmtoqb.jpg

I have photographed the olive tree at the end of the rusty rail track in the monument area a lot of times. It gets a little bit higher each year. I keep trying. This is an artsy effort.

 photo 201506008_zpsqmmdzv3v.jpg

The old Rodo Park is a good place to finish the roll - many odd subjects. The park has become an attraction for Sunday-morning photo clubs and courses - which is good. This carousel has been turning around in the park since I was a child. I do not think that current children will show too much enthusiasm for these old sleazy attractions. This one looks like the future seen in 1950 or so.

 photo 201506012_zpsenq7ihb8.jpg

Next weekend we have elections for the city government. All candidates promise changes, but I would be very much surprised if change finally comes to this old park.

Technical: Yashica-12 (no longer in my hands), Pan F+ in Beutler. Some dust in the negatives, I am getting careless. Thanks for looking! I have reached 100 entries in this blog, which is more than I thought I would.