Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Dark Castle

Anything that is left around for a while in Montevideo quickly goes to the dark side. The little old castle in Rodo park is a current example.

 photo 201708022_zpsbgik4jxl.jpg

The lake in front has been drained. In the old times, you could rent a pedal boat and roam around. Now the place has become covered with graffiti.

 photo 201708020_zpssfbxj7fx.jpg

 photo 201708021_zpsm3f7hvpx.jpg

Above the entrance, the original legends have been substituted by something else entirely.

 photo 201708100_zpsq9chtvsv.jpg

The door of the Dark Castle is locked.

 photo 201708023_zpszl7yvc72.jpg

But if you find a hole, the original Walt Disney towers may still be seen.

 photo 201708025_zpsr4hdbqh6.jpg

I do hope that our local government will take care of this castle some day. It is staged for an Onetti novel any time now.