Saturday, March 30, 2019

Restoring the castle

The mini-castle in Rodo Park is being restored.

Heck, we should have close elections more often. Look at the castle front now! It is clean! It also has a new door!

This was the old door - look at the writing above the entrance, it is a famous Artigas quote.

Somehow I feel that the older design had more class. The new one feels like Soviet Ministry of Works art, and the Artigas quote is gone. Maybe they will paint it later on, work is not finished yet.

The tower was also worked out, but the interior of the castle is not finished yet. I sneaked into the construction area, which was empty in a Sunday.

Some graffiti are still visible inside the pond,

The restoration was completed in the lake, and the little boats are back. You can rent one and pedal around the central isle for exercise..

A view of the castle, as intended by the designers more than 100 years ago.

Thanks for looking!  Pentax ME with 24-35 zoom, a tiny marvel. FP4+ in Beutler.