Friday, March 25, 2016

Run, city, run!

The city half-marathon was called "Run, Montevideo". All places to run were filled quickly. The race went through the usual Rambla and back. In some sections there were people running in both directions, with each stream of runners just a few meters apart from the other one. No accidents and I did not see anyone taking a shortcut.

 photo corremvd00_zpsskziqpca.jpg

The effort starts to show in the faces by mid-race.

 photo 201604024_zpshbabybyv.jpg

I was not the only photographer around. This one had the idea of following the race in a bicycle, probably shooting video.

 photo 201604017_zpsychvbesg.jpg

Sometimes results are unexpected. This runner looks like our President. Mr. Vazquez. The guy about to pass him in a wheelchair looks like one of the opposition leaders, Mr. Novick. No political conclusions should be extracted.

 photo 201604022_zpstp3nhtv3.jpg

Technical: Canon 7 with 50/1.8; Pan F+ in Beutler. And thanks for looking.