Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Gentle Giant

Korea gave our city a gentle giant. It is a sculpture by Young-ho Yoo, apparently first in the world of a project to include many other cities. For some reason, which I hope was not caution, they started in the place farthest away from Seoul that they could find.

The Greeting Man is 20 ft tall and has a sky-blue skin, maybe a homage to our soccer team uniform. It cuts a striking image. The Giant is greeting with his corteous bow all of the traffic in the Rambla, close to where Propios boulevard ends.

Kids play merrily with the Giant. Locals have already reinterpreted the sculpture; there are videos showing him doing Gangnam style.

Trees were planted to define a small garden around the scultpure. I do not know which types, they have Korean language tabs and exotic names. Hope to see them tall and flowering.

It is definitely a change from our classical bronze homages to historical figures. I appreciate the naked Giant's gesture of humanity, even if most drivers in the busy Rambla won't even look up to acknowledge his corteous bow.

Thanks, Korea! We should reciprocate in this cross-cultural exchange. Maybe a monument of Obdulio holding the ball under his arm would be adequate.