Monday, March 11, 2013

Carrasco hotel is restored!

In previous posts I showed different stages of the hotel restoration.  Now it is finished at last. Inauguration happened last March 7th. I got some pictures a few days before inauguration.

The roulette wheels are already turning to pay for the restoration. The transit around the hotel has been rerouted, and I sure hope it works. A host of small business around the hotel gave a bigh sigh of relief.

Compare the building in October 2010, and just before inauguration.

hotel carrasco octubre 2010

hotel carrasco marzo 2013

 photo hotel-carrasco-1_zpse6d3733f.jpg

The building was surrounded by security guards, but they kindly left me fool around with my old cameras. There was still some construction debris around.

Now, to plan for a good night shot.