Sunday, October 02, 2016

Old iron in Heritage Day

In Heritage weekend, I usually gravitate to something that moves. Or used to move. This year I searched for a classic car show but could only get the usual one in Camino Carrasco. So there.

The best display was by the Ford A club. My late father had one and I remember riding it.

 photo 201611006_zpsfcohygy1.jpg

 photo 201611004_zpsennra50v.jpg

A toothy De Soto was flashing its chrome and its slick, glossy black body. I wonder if this was a funeral limousine.

 photo 201611007_zps66qzerta.jpg

Young people cannot believe the dashboards of the era.

 photo 201611009_zpsi3bwbfg5.jpg

In the museum field there is an ancient British road roller, slowly turning into brown dust.

 photo 201611015_zpsmfcslolp.jpg

An old Aclo bus is also dying nearby. I rode in these buses as a child, and also in a similar one in India, not that long ago.

 photo 201611011_zpsjmo0cw8m.jpg

 photo 201611014_zpsbm9et8c7.jpg

 photo 201611017_zpsyjix0wjd.jpg

Thanks for looking. Hardware: Canon 7 with its awesome 50/1.8, Pan F+ in Beutler.