Sunday, August 04, 2013

Back to Agro Market

The Agro Marlet is quickly becoming a paseo for those who hate shopping malls. Inside, there is the alternative flavor; like a permanent Feria del Libro but dedicated to food and drink. Old-fashioned open fruit and vegetables stalls, native trees and plants.

 People have started using the new chic, retro-looking space. For instance this funny group of girls dancing, probably for a 15-year birthday celebration. I caught them in their rehearsal.

 The old iron structure and the warm wood ceiling, along with the diffuse light from the windows, are the main features of the place. This is a distorted view - we Montevideanos are not these elegantly thin figures.

I like some of the displays inside, for instance these bulk bags of cofee grains. These displays look as if made with love, not only design or marketing. And they smell nicely!

I hope that the Agro Market becomes a success. We need these alternative places to keep the city from becoming too boring.  I'd love to see something like this done in a few other places, for instance the old Central Railway Station.