Sunday, September 24, 2017

Around the lake in Rodó Park

City Hall has decided to refill the lake and stock it with fish. The lake is an artificial one, turn of the century, back when things could still be done in my little country. A short walk around the lake to record progress was in order.

It looks like a rain forest with palms! Yet, no pedal boats have returned.

lake with palms and reflections

I hope this is just the start of a thorough clean-up. The old gazebo has been fenced.

Walking around the lake, you get to the miniature castle. The Defensor Footbal Club fans ("Tuertos") have decorated it with a few graffiti. Yet, with a little care and modernization, this could shine.

The castle main gate is heavily decorated, although probably not as intended originally.

A good chain and lock in this gate are testimony to a need.

Close to the gate there is a beautiful old water dispenser. I swear that I saw a similar one in Rome, but that one was working and it had the outlet valve - its very clean and cold water was welcome in a hot day. Our local version has lost the bronze end, probably decades ago. Montevideo dwellers are avid bronze collectors. At least the paint is the original one.

Thanks for looking. Camera was my old Autocord, burning Pan F+ developed in Beutler, what else.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Buceo harbor, again.

The old Buceo fishing harbor in a winter's noon is a nice place to test a camera or lenses. Or just to lie in the sun.

Or to fish with line and reel.

The sun is not helping too much this winter. Water looks oily and dirty.

Thanks for looking!