Sunday, November 19, 2017

The "Monte" of Montevideo

Hard to find where the name of our city came from. There are several tales of lookouts seeing a hill and shouting in very awkward Portuguese "Monte vide eu". I do not believe this B.S.. My favorite explanation is old maps showing topographical accidents with a Roman numeral: "Monte VI de O", i.e. hill number 6 from the West. In any case, the hill at the western end of the bay is a most characteristic feature. Here is a view from Capurro area. (Those railroad tracks are in use, believe it or not). 

On top of the hill there is a fortress, last iteration 1809 right after the British invasions. There is a lighthouse over the fortress, which must make for an interesting Army-Navy joint operation.

There is a very nice view of the city from the fortress. The many guns never fired a shot in anger.

I like the weathered wood of the gun carriage at the entrance. Probably it has been there since the last restoration (1942), or even before.

For a modest fee you can visit the military museum inside the fortress. It is a cool place in the summer. The Army keeps it in good shape. There is a time capsule stored in 2011 (two hundred years anniversary of the Army), to be opened in 2111, probably around May 18. I am not planning to attend.

Special guard at the entrance.

Thanks for looking!