Thursday, January 17, 2019

The neglected mill

The old Perez' watermill (Molino de PĂ©rez) is a fixture of the Malvin area in the Rambla. It sits in a small park, next to a creek that is now almost dry because of drainage elsewhere and city sprawling. Some time ago, the mill area became a favorite venue for meetings supporting marijuana legalization, which did not help real estate values.

There are cyclical attempts to restore the building. Some work is done, but shortly afterwards maintenance and vigilance fall out, and the mill stubbornly goes back to a cozy neglect. Currently, the face of the building looking to the Rambla is clean enough. Unfortunately, every other wall shows the outcome of passionate, unsubtle graffiti competitions. Even the old wooden windows got it. I liked this one ("Love is not a signature").

Inside the building court, an old wagon was installed during the latest renewal cycle. One wheel is gone, so that the wagon cannot go easily as a souvenir. The shepherd knows the flock.

This area has some of the best aloe plants in the whole city. Fortunately the aloe has been kept during the cycles of restoration and neglect.  It is stronger than local government's will.

The waterwheel bearing still holds on proudly, although the wheel does not turn anymore.

Just across the Rambla from the mill, people go to the beach as they have ever done. A beach in summer is hard competition for an old, neglected watermill.

Technical: K-1000 with 24-35 zoom, FP4+ in Beutler. Thanks for looking!