Thursday, March 20, 2014

Those small fishing boats

I went back to my favorite subject, those small fishing boats packed together in the dock.

 photo 201404016_zps9f6dc9e7.jpg

In the still water, they show their shadows and reflections.

 photo 201404017_zps0287f84d.jpg

Fast shutter speeds may, sometimes, show amazing lines and reflections coming from the fleeting movement of the water.

 photo 201404019_zps0bc1c0fa.jpg

In a few weeks, these little boats will be very busy trying to net fish for the Holy Week. But now they just wait together, enjoying the summer heat. I like those bows with their shadows and reflections.

 photo 201404018_zps3795288a.jpg

The stairs are ready if you want to board.

 photo 201401009_zps062ce8bc.jpg

Technical: FP4+, Beutler, Pentax ME with very standard lenses.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Labeling the city

The city has got a new label in Pocitos, so you do not forget where you are. A test label had come and gone sometime ago (somebody's living room must be full of giant plastic letters!). This one is made of something heavy and solid. Much harder to take away, except as a memory.

 photo 201404034_zps8035f6ff.jpg

I would have said that such a monument to obviousness was doomed in our dry-humored, gray city. But fortunately I was wrong, which happens often according to my wife.
The giant label is a great hit. People queue for a group or family picture, and tourists flock to it day and night. Welcome, Label!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Malvin Beach

People in foreign countries talk about Generation Y, Generation X - the whole alphabet. We have just the Sand Dunes Generation in Malvin Beach. It is a project to stabilize sand movement with bushes and palm branches. It seems to work so far. The sand is still there.

 photo 201404025_zps7a977cff.jpg

The Dunes Generation plays soccer on the sand, same as we did so many years ago. Hard on the ankles but great fun.

 photo 201404030_zpsded3d0df.jpg

Families go to the beach on weekends, when the weather is right.

 photo 201404028_zps0d1cf972.jpg

It gets a bit crowded near Punta Gorda, and the life savers were in a labor conflict (not yet strike, we have many gradations. Fortunately nobody drowned.

 photo 201404024_zpse5db29c5.jpg

FP4+ in Beutler, with the little Pentax ME getting some air time.