Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carrasco Hotel goes on

I took another look at this beautiful historic building, located in Carrasco near the River Plate.

View from the Rambla corner

It's official - Sofitel is telling the world it's them doing the restoring job. Hope this means business.

Sofitel board

There is a tall hedge around the building, I could just point a camera at random over it. I should be taller. There's work being done inside.

Inside works

Restoring involves a lot of adornments, especially inside the building. But this window will give an idea of what is involved.


The area close to the hotel also needs some serious cleaning and restoring. Maybe it happens when the hotel is finished!


I will continue to follow this project from time to time. It will be a big symbolic event if the hotel starts working again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bicycle race

When I was a child, bycicle races in the week of Carnival were a big thing. We followed the one-week race on the radio, sometimes even on a map, checking out the individual racers and their clubs. Like the Tour de France, only in the small and 50 years before. You know, time measurements, speculations and team strategy, who is getting away and who is catching up, the stars, the works. And all these before anti-doping control.

I remember going with my father to see the heroes go by in their high-tech bikes and to cheer for our favorites.

Last weekend, I went again to see the racers go by in their last few kilometers, half expecting the noise and the fury of the old days. Radio transmissions were exactly like I remembered them. I even suspect the same guy speaking, he must be close to retirement on the long side of it. They came quite on time - and fast!


But nowadays, the race seemed just fast and functional. About 1 minute before the racers, a couple of police bikes checked the area. All the bikers were through in a couple of minutes. The last ones had to compete with the CUTCSA passenger buses retaking their routes.

Maybe the Vuelta Ciclista in Holy Week gets more attention. I hate to see traditions pass away. I must be getting older than I thought.