Thursday, August 25, 2016

Walking two Zeiss lenses

I rarely make reference to equipment, but I got recently two nice Zeiss optics from Germany for my Exakta, a Flektogon 35/2.8 and a Sonnar 135/4. A local technician cleaned and adjusted both. Here are some frames of that test roll.

Buceo Harbor, Sonnar.

 photo 201608032_zpsst6bigbx.jpg

 photo 201608031_zpskh6usjrr.jpg

Rodo park, fountain detail.

 photo 201608022_zpsj6ogah3h.jpg

Gentle Giant monument.

 photo 201608013_zpstviglfgc.jpg

Now for the sharp Flektogon.

Rodo park artificial lake. Glad to see the birds still survive there.

 photo 201608017_zpsagqtrrim.jpg

Very nice expo of pictures - Asian cities seen by a Uruguayan photographer.

 photo 201608023_zpsraiut61a.jpg

An old couple making time before lunch, by the River Plate.

 photo 201608028_zpsnxendy2u.jpg

Small fishing boat (I liked the tones and the reflections).

 photo 201608009_zps17itwjak.jpg

Thanks for looking! Pan F+ in Beutler.