Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Heritage day in Montevideo harbor

Last weekend we had our Heritage Day. The event was heavily weighted toward buildings and architecture, so I chose to visit the harbor instead. A lot of people had the same idea.

 photo 2015013029_zpsvapl2fnc.jpg

Sunday morning, weather was not very fine. Well, it rained lightly. To the right of the Zabala entrance, the harbor is mostly used by large container ships (with the occasional cruise ship).

 photo 2015013016_zpsrxwukez7.jpg

The Graf Spee anchor is still there in the memorial. Nowadays very few people come to look at it.

 photo 2015013018_zpstyonvun0.jpg

People come to the harbor to work, to fix ship and machine parts, and of course to serve the vessels. It looked a bit crowded in the tugs area.

 photo 2015013103_zpsirb5apfw.jpg

Almost all of our Navy was there, saving fuel and looking smart.

 photo 2015013102_zpsappwgil6.jpg

 photo 2015013030_zpshentiu9j.jpg

 photo 2015013101_zps0bpnqpep.jpg

On exhibit, there was the helm of the gunboat Calvo Sotelo, which I believe is the same little ship that fought in one of the rare Spanish Civil War naval actions back in 1938. I do not know how the helm came to Montevideo; it might well be an interesting story.

 photo 2015013027_zps0ozdblwp.jpg

I liked the tones in these chains, which will end the post of today.

 photo 2015013033_zpsvuxv0pqa.jpg

Thanks for looking. Technical info: Spotmatic with 35/2, FP4+ in Beutler.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


No words needed.

 photo 201512113_zpsk8z3vawf.jpg

The guys were proud of the catch.

 photo 201512005_zpskkxvz0fn.jpg

No-name 18-28 zoom in the old Pentax ME, FP4+ in Beutler, what else.