Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random wide shots in the city

I have been doodling again with the ultrawide lens, taking advantage of a grey day with cool weather. Started in the Cerrito church, just restored, with the builder's sign to prove it:


Montevideo churches are nothing like the magnificent full-of-gold monuments in other Latin American capitals, but they have character. The Matriz cathedral, in the old city, is surprisingly well kept and tidy these days.

Matriz interior

The Harbor Market keeps its style and is full of people, from cruise tourists to families to office groups celebrating years' end. There is food for everyone, even if you have to wait for a free table.

Inside Harbor Market

The outside area of the market, at the end of Perez Castellanos street, is turning into a tourist and art market. Candombe groups, street artists and kiosks give this area a special vibration.


The lonely Bella Vista dock points to the Cerro and thinks of better days. Maybe the projected dock in nearby Capurro can get this area moving again. In the meantime, it is pigeons and seagulls that use the dock.

Bella Vista dock

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for watching!