Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guaviyu area, in rainy weather.

Guaviyú, about 50 Km north of Paysandu, is well known for thermal spas. I was lucky to get to the area for a few days. It was raining, so water was a permanent feature.
 photo 201323021_zps706cadef.jpg
Most people will show pictures of thermal pools, but I like the natural environment that is quite well preserved and easily accessed in the area. Water gives nice reflections.
 photo 201323028_zpse418d23f.jpg

 photo 201322003_zps923809b8.jpg
 photo 201322002_zpsadfde0a8.jpg
Autocord with HP5+ and Olympus 35 SP with FP4+, both developed in DD-X I must finish that plastic bottle soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Heritage Day with classic cars and old wheels

On Heritage Saturday I went to the old carriages museum at Carrasco road. A small car collectors group had joined there, among folklore dancers and Boy Scouts camping tents. The sensation was an old Ford with the seats restored. The group was testing the new seats thoroughly.

A Chevy was keeping close company, to balance the act. Chevy and Ford, black and white, night and day, Peñarol and Nacional, etc.

 photo 2013120006_zps052bf23a.jpg

There was an old Crossmobile (was it a cross between a motorbike and a car?)
 photo 2013120001_zps68194321.jpg

In the museum, the carriages told stories of the Horse Age. I liked this wheel, that must have turned a lot over the old Montevideo cobbled streets.

 photo 2013120112_zps21b670dc.jpg
 photo 201323020_zpscb650306.jpg