Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aeronautical Museum

The little Aeronautical Museum is located next to the Cilindro, the largest indoors sport arena in the city. It is maintained by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and kept by a skeleton Air Force staff and cadets. A good place for a walk if you like planes of every age and state of repair.




An old Chevrolet car was displayed on Heritage Sunday along with the planes.



  1. Nice to have a display like that close by for exercising your cameras. I took my VUWS and my Brownie to ours yesterday, but was thwarted by some barriers put up while they get the wings back on the B-52. It's nice to have a wide-angle lens in such circumstances, but I think I've used just about every camera I own to photograph old cars and planes.
    I like the way you have used color on that B-25. It is a challenge to find a treatment that hasn't been over-used on these subjects. I'm thinking I may next try a Hawkeye Flash with a reversed lens.

  2. Thanks! These old planes are nice subjects - one gets carried away by them and it is hard to think about framing in any original way. A sky with clouds helps a lot.

    Hope you can get to try that reversed Hawkeye with planes or cars. Recognizable subjects are best to try unusual techniques, because their meaning comes through easily.

    If you are going to shoot the wings of a B-52 you're definitely going to need a wide lens, or a panoramic camera.