Friday, January 18, 2013

Reflections on the water (Piriapolis)

The fishing dock is located at the eastern end of Piriapolis harbor.  Old Francisco Piria planned his resort city carefully, but I am not sure if he cared too much about these little ships. In any case, much of Piriapolis' fantastic seafood comes from their nets.


Once you get used to the colors and contrasts of the place, intriguing pairs of boats and their reflections in water start to catch the eye. The camera freezes the reflections with their impossible and graceful lines.

 photo 201302011_zps89c1fdb4.jpg

The space separating the boats comes alive with moving shapes and tones.


 photo 201302012_zps348f78d6.jpg

 The yacht mooring is nearby, and they also reflect in the water. Most of them are white, therefore stronger reflections. 


 photo 201302001_zps781dc793.jpg

Technical: Minolta Autocord, Pan F+, Beutler developer.


  1. Very nice collaboration with the Autocord which seems particularly well suited to this subject. I especially like that last composition.

  2. Thanks, Mike.

    I had to shot most of these with the metal frame viewfinder in order not to fall into the water.

    The camera was pointing almost straight down in the last one.