Saturday, October 20, 2018

Winter is over

I have not posted much lately, too much work and laziness, which is a bad combination.

Here are a few taken during our gray season, looking at our grayish water under gray skies.

Buceo harbor under a drizzle.

Near Sarandi wharf, an old couple enjoys the view in a Sunday morning.

Thanks for looking! First two 35mm with Nikon 35-105. last in 120 out of the Super-Isolette. Film was FP4+, developed in Beutler.



  1. A very peaceful looking harbor, nicely portrayed. It seems you in the south have avoided the crazy climate events we have experienced this year.

  2. Thanks Mike. Lots of rain this winter. We had a wind event, but not even close to what the U.S. has endured.