Saturday, August 10, 2019

The castle is restored

Work is finished, now we have a castle in the midst of the city again.

The old wooden door has been replaced with a metal one. Easier to clean out graffiti. And best of all, the door is open now!

Inside, there is a nice little library for children. Grandparents inside may look to the castle tower, in a rare sunny day of our gray and damp winter.

There is even a bathroom for visitors, new and clean - I do hope all this lasts. We should have elections more often. 

Not only the castle got a face lift. The old gazebo was cleaned and restored, It has images of Wagner, Bach, Beethoven and Mozart - but only old Richard was lit up when I visited.

Elsewhere in the park there was music. A guy was playing saxo quite well; he was also waiting for some contribution from visitors, I believe. Got him from far away with my normal lens, so this processed blurry image will have to do. Get a Gerry Mulligan track for background.

Close by, someone was playing his guitar, maybe following the saxo, but mostly enjoying the sun. The park is shaping up. 

Thanks for watching. Canon 7 with 50/1.8 lens, FP4+ in Beutler.

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  1. Julio !! Despues de un buen tiempo retomo el contacto con tu blog. Me lo revisé todo de punta a punta y me em`paché de imagenes de nuestra querida montevideo. Me agradó sobre manera la primera de la serie de la Feria de Tristan Narvaja (quizá por mi perfil documentalista), cada sujeto tiene una historia escrita en esa toma.
    Ha sido un gran ejercicio ver tus fotografías.
    Muchas gracias.
    Abrazo, Pedro Barbachán.