Sunday, December 05, 2021

The old Perez watermill

A long time ago, a creek was feeding a grain mill, the old Perez water mill. As the city extended, the old mill became a park. It is located in the Malvin rambla, next to Alejandro Gallinal street. I posted on this mill a couple of years ago; it is a good place to exercise old film cameras.

The interior of the mill was once converted into a museum, and there were some cultural activities from time to time. Now the building is closed, and the old weathered doors are a twin image of neglect among graffiti.


The wagon is still outside, with its broken wheel and rusted metal.

During my photo expedition, a tourist tour came into the park. The tour guide told them the (true) story of the place being used for marijuana legalization meetings, before the weed became legalized in 2016.

Technical: Pentax K-1000 with 24-35 zoom and 100 mm lens; FP4+ in Beutler.

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